Echosec Systems is looking for a DevOps Engineer to support the development team in securing, launching, scaling services for darknet and social crawlers, data enrichment and analysis. You will be joining a team that releases daily and takes pride in maintaining meaningful and comprehensive test coverage on a CI/CD pipeline as well as progressively improving SLOs. You will be responsible for defining new infrastructure templates, implementing zero trust, resilient and observable architectural patterns, and working closely with the team to release them as highly reliable, automated systems. This is an intermediate level position with room to grow into a senior role, a high degree of autonomy is expected.

-- This role is open to remote applicants. Please let us know your preference for fully remote or Victoria, BC, Canada based in your application. Regardless of preference, the role may be partially or entirely remote for the foreseeable future, including onboarding. Thank you --

About Us

Echosec Systems is a leader in online information discovery. Gathering millions of posts from dark web marketplaces, social media sites, and discussion forums, Echosec delivers an unparalleled level of digital and physical security to their global user base. Their web-based threat and risk intelligence solutions allow organizations to rapidly detect critical online content, so they can respond faster.

Echosec ingests data from hundreds of sources ranging from well known social media sites like Twitter and YouTube, to niche discussion forums like Discord, Telegram, and Gab. Advanced keyword and image detection filters allow Echosec users to monitor threats and get high priority alerts when specific content is detected.

Security teams worldwide trust Echosec Systems to provide a critical layer of information about unfolding events. Whether the event is a natural disaster, a violent threat, or a planned attack against a high-risk individual, Echosec provides situational awareness and real-time information that mitigates risk, minimizes damage, and keeps people and organizations safe.

To learn more about us and what it's like to work at Echosec, visit our About and Careers pages


  • Build developer tooling and automation to support the underlying services that power the platform, while delivering clean interfaces and infrastructure for other developers to work on.
  • Support (audit, patch and plan to progressively improve) the infrastructure for a highly-available distributed data retrieval and processing system
  • Deploy new infrastructure as needed to support the back-end services that power the Echosec open data search and aggregation products.
  • Promote security best practices, manage user access and ensure principles of least access are applied
  • Research and complete proof of concept designs to improve existing infrastructure’s ability to be failure resilient, recoverable, secure and easier for the development team to build and deploy.
  • Collaborate with the team to determine system logging and telemetry outputs and efficient DevOps practices

Skills and Experience

  • Experience deploying and maintaining highly-available and scalable distributed systems in a cloud environment
  • Experience with container-based infrastructure as code: terraform, kubernetes
  • Experience with logging and telemetry at scale; Building effective operations dashboards with alerting
  • Strong cloud architecture principles: compute, storage, networks, security
  • Interest in mentorship, and team leadership opportunities

Assets but not Requirements

  • Experience with log management and telemetry: statsd, datadog, ELK, prometheus, jaeger
  • Experience with Azure services
  • Experience with Elasticsearch (as a scaling database)
  • Experience with sharded/replicated relational databases (PostgreSQL preferably)
  • Experience with secrets management: Vault, SOPS
  • Experience or familiarity with service mesh platforms: Consul, Istio
  • Experience with or interest in zero trust principles in devOps