At Echosec we live and breathe the intersection of data and security and are driven and inquisitive in our focus, to make the world’s data more accessible and find actionable intelligence faster. The team focuses on working iteratively to deliver value to customers, not just developing features and functions.

Echosec offers Echosec Search and Beacon – the Senior Engineer will be involved in developing and maintaining sustainable and reliable deployment and monitoring of both systems.

Echosec Search is a search and alerting tool for location-based social media. We provide an easy to use interface for open data analysts, security experts, agencies and journalists to find up to date crowdsourced information about real-world events.

Beacon sheds light on the dark web by combining indexes of TOR sites, paste-bin dumps, public discord and telegram chat logs into an advanced search interface for cybersecurity professionals.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Loves building data-driven products and highly-available distributed systems
    • Deploys and maintains the back-end services that power the Echosec open data search and aggregation products.

    Sound good? Here’s a little more about the job:

    • Well suited for someone who wants to work on infrastructure, developer tooling and the underlying services that power the platform, while delivering clean interfaces and infrastructure for other developers to work on.
    • Designing and improving operations of existing data processing pipelines, data crawling systems, databases, and authentication and authorization systems.
    • Collaborate with the team to determine system logging and telemetry outputs and efficient DevOp practices

      As the ideal candidate, you have:

      • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
      • Experience building highly-available and scalable distributed systems.
      • Experience profiling applications or tracking down performance problems.
      • Experience with telemetry, optimization, and/or machine learning.
      • Write maintainable, well tested code primarily in Typescript (NodeJS) and PHP (Laravel - PHP 7.3).
      • Provide constructive and helpful feedback to team members on code review and support the team in releasing high quality code on schedule.
      • Comfort working with remote team-mates
      • Interest in mentorship, and team leadership opportunities

      Bonus, but not required:

      • Experience with infrastructure management: puppet, kubernetes, terraform, cloudformation.
      • Experience with Elasticsearch.
      • Experience with sharded/replicated relational databases (PostgreSQL preferably).

      Echosec is based in Victoria BC, and very open to remote applicants (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, we're talking to you!). We are looking for someone with the right skillset and experience and less concerned about the title of this job, or your previous ones. Programmer? Developer? Let's talk.